Lighted Up A Thousand Candles, Mothers and Children Held Candlelight Vigil For Coal Victims

CIREBON (CT) – Hundreds of Astanajapura residents, Cirebon, with People’s Environmental Defenders (Rapel) and 350 Indonesia, held candlelight vigil and lighted up a thousand candles as a remembrance of coal victims, Wednesday (11/05).

The event, which took place in Maribis soccer field, Karang Pojok block, Kanci Kulon village, was followed by hundreds of women and children. They shouted ‘No Coal Plant” passionately since they had suffered from loss of income and rights to clean and healthy air.

“This is a proof that we are committed to cancel the second and third coal plant projects, also stop the existing coal plant. Coal plant is our enemy,” said Moh. Aan Anwaruddin, Executive Director of Rapel in his opening speech, followed by public outcry.

In addition, Sarjum, Head of Kanci Kulon fishermen group, said that their income had decreased significantly. Since coal plant operates, he could no longer go to the sea because of the destruction of ecosystem due to pollution from both coal plant and vessels.

“The existing coal plant has killed us, how could we live with two more coal plants? I cannot imagine what our live would be. We boldly demand to stop all the coal plants in Cirebon,” Aan said.

This event is part of Break Free From Fossil Fuels, a global action against fossil fuels industry where people around the world amplify local struggle, which has been organized in 14 countries, including Indonesia, specifically in Cirebon. (Riky Sonia/ADV)

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